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August 22, 2017
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As children grow, they are monitored by Dr. Nasreen Majid and Dr. Susan Hirata at LaCanada Pediatrics PC in Las Vegas, NV, who can sports physicalmake sure they hit all of their growth and developmental milestones. When older children begin playing sports for schools, they need a clean bill of health. So school physicals help monitor changes in a child’s health. A routine school physical rules out any major health concerns that can be caught early.

About School Physicals

A physical typically consists of your Las Vegas, Nevada, pediatrician taking measurements of weight, health and blood pressure. They also will check the heart and lungs, flexibility, eyes, ears, nose, throat and feel for any abnormalities. This is all a precaution to determine whether the child can safely play the sport. A pediatrician also will administer any required vaccinations. Family medical history can help the doctor to gather more important information in order to fully assess the child’s health overall.

This physical examination tracks physical and developmental changes over time. If a child continues to play a sport, these school physicals can notice changes that may need attention, monitoring or treatment. If your child’s sports team or school requires a school physical before being admitted, LaCanada Pediatrics are ready to examine them fully, to ensure they are safe to play.

Physicals typically only take a few minutes and give you a peace of mind while fulfilling the requirements of your school or team. They help doctors to make sure that your child has the proper vaccinations needed to protect against different diseases as well. These vaccinations also keep those around your child safe.

For more information on important school physicals and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nasreen Majid and Dr. Susan Hirata today, call our Las Vegas, Nevada, pediatric office at 702-796-1820. We are ready and willing to ensure your child is as healthy as possible.


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